Wisdom Teeth Removal
in Eden Prairie, MN

Simply put, wisdom teeth are merely a third set of molars that develop and erupt later than the rest of your teeth. Many people think that they must be referred to an oral surgeon for a wisdom teeth extraction, but we can do it all in-house! At Prairie Dental Group, we offer gentle, precise extractions to remove your wisdom teeth and prevent future complications. Schedule your consultation with our Eden Prairie dentist today!

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Reasons for Removal

A main cause for wisdom teeth extraction is spacing issues. Oftentimes, patients do not have room in their mouths for wisdom teeth, which can lead to overcrowding and shifting in the surrounding teeth. Additionally, your wisdom teeth may be impacted, which can lead to severe infection and painful eruption. Before creating a plan for your wisdom teeth surgery, our team will take comprehensive images of your mouth to determine what kind of extraction is necessary.

Recovering From Your Extraction

Immediately following your procedure, the effects of anesthesia will still be wearing off. Please arrange to have someone take you home from your appointment. We recommend taking at least two to three days off of work or school to recover. After your procedure, our team will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions and a prescribed pain medication if necessary. For the first few days after surgery, stick with soft foods and do not drink out of a straw as this can knock your blood clot loose and cause dry socket.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Each wisdom teeth procedure is different and the cost of treatment varies from patient to patient. We are an insurance-friendly practice and we accept several payment methods. If you’re uninsured, we also offer our in-house dental savers plan which, for a low monthly payment, covers your preventive care and gives you a discount on additional services. For out-of-pocket costs, we also accept financing through CareCredit®. Please speak with a member of our team to see how we can make your wisdom teeth removal affordable!

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