How Will Covid-19 Change Your Visits to the Dentist?

Cartoon picture of three people social distancing

The Covid-19 outbreak has changed what “normal” looks like. Things like shopping at the grocery store, walking in a public park, and going out to eat are different. Visiting the dentist’s office has also changed. While we’ve always followed strict guidelines that protect the health of our patients and staff, we are now even more vigilant. On your side of things, how are visits affected?

  • Before your appointment, we’ll ask you Covid-19 screening questions

  • To make sure you aren’t ill, our office will ask you a few screening questions when you make your appointment. When you arrive, we’ll ask the questions again. All the team members at Prairie Dental Group are screened the same way before each shift.

  • You won’t wait in the lobby

  • In the past, patients waited in the lobby before their appointment. Now, we want to keep as few people in the office as possible. We ask that you call or text us when you arrive. You’ll wait in your car until we’re ready for you to go straight to your appointment. If you have anyone else with you, we ask that they stay in the car.<>/p>

  • You’ll wear a mask when you come in

  • Obviously, you won’t wear a mask while we’re treating you, but we are asking that everyone wear a mask when they walk in through the doors. We will be wearing PPE and changing our lab coats between each patient.

  • We have hand sanitizer near the door

  • When you walk in, you’ll find hand sanitizer near the door. Please use it so your hands are disinfected for your appointment. The office has HEPA filters in the main hallway and each treatment room. We are continuing to disinfect all tools, rooms, and the lobby.

  • You’ll follow social distancing guidelines

  • Social distancing helps keep you and others safe. In our office, we’re taking social distancing seriously. We have plexiglass guards at the office desks while the main clinical hallway is now a one-way passage for patients. We’re also paying attention to how much time we’re giving between patients.

During Covid-19, your dental health is still essential

Things are different right now, but we remain committed to your health and safety. Your dental health is still important, so if you’re due for a checkup or another treatment at our Eden Prairie office, please make an appointment. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about the precautions we’re taking. Contact us today!

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