Is It Time To Replace Your Dentures?

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The loss of one or more teeth can happen for a variety of reasons. Tooth loss can be the result of an accident (trauma) or a dental condition like tooth decay, gum disease or tooth wear. Whatever the cause of tooth loss, living with an incomplete smile not only messes with your ability to chew and speak, it can also impact your self-esteem. Dentures are a common and affordable tooth replacement option. However, they don’t last forever and, at some point, will need to be replaced. If you have dentures, here are three signs that it’s time to replace them.

    1. There is a change in the way they fit.

    Both full and partial dentures are custom-made to fit snugly on your gum line for a realistic appearance. They should fit comfortably in your mouth without any movement. Over time however, the denture material may have worn down. Additionally, changes to your jaw bone density can occur. If your dentures feel loose or move around, it is time to get fitted for new ones.

    2. They are discolored or damaged.

    Natural wear and tear can cause damage to your dentures. Certain foods and beverages can also stain your dentures over time. Discoloration can be due to poor oral hygiene habits, low quality, or age. Damaged dentures also provide many places for bacteria to hide. It’s important to inspect the base of your dentures for signs of wear. Pockets that harbor bacteria can lead to gum disease. So can friction caused by an improper fit.

    3. It is hard to chew or speak.

    The purpose of dentures is to help you smile, speak, and eat, just as if you had all your natural teeth! If you’re struggling with a lisp or having trouble chewing, it is time to replace your dentures. Denture technology is always improving, so if you have had dentures for a long time, you will be pleasantly surprised at the comfort of your new dentures.

Replace Your Dentures in Eden Prairie, MN!

Our experienced Prairie Dental Group dentists will carefully craft dentures to fit your smile. This will help you chew, speak, and eat easily. It will also help maintain your natural bite. Dentures that fit properly and function as they should make everyday tasks easier to complete. Don’t put up with uncomfortable dentures any longer! Contact our office for a denture consultation and we’ll soon have you smiling again.

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