Habits That Are Bad for Your Teeth

Even if you’re taking great care of your teeth with routine dental hygiene, you may have habits that are sabotaging your efforts. Some activities that we don’t think about can cause teeth to weaken, decay, break, or fall out completely! Read our blog post for a look at a few habits you should avoid if you want to keep your pearly whites.

What to Do About a Loose Adult Tooth

Check out our blog post to learn about why adult teeth become loose, prevention tips, and treatment options. If your permanent tooth is loose, call us ASAP at 952-903-5000 so we can help protect your oral health!

How to Stop Sensitive Teeth

If you experience sensitive teeth and pain due to hot and cold, check out our blog post for a few solutions to your dental discomfort. We want you to have a pain-free smile. Contact our expert team for additional treatment suggestions!

What Color Is Your Tongue Supposed to Be?

Read our blog post to learn what the color of your tongue says about your health! We explain the meanings behind tongues that are pink, red, yellow, blue, purple, gray, white, brown, and black. Call us if you notice any abnormal changes in your mouth.

How Are Porcelain Veneers Applied?

Check out our blog post to learn about the secret behind many Hollywood smiles: porcelain veneers. We explain what they are and how they are applied. Our team can help you achieve the dazzling smile of your dreams! Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation.