What Are Surgical Extractions?

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Not all tooth extractions are the same. Depending on the tooth’s nature, our experienced doctors at Prairie Dental Group could perform either a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. Here’s some more information so you will understand the difference between the two types of extractions.

Simple Extraction vs. Surgical Extraction

A simple extraction is for a tooth that has fully erupted from the gum line. This kind of tooth extraction is the easiest to perform. It usually involves loosening the tooth and then removing it. Surgical extractions are for more complex cases. This requires more thought from the dentist or oral surgeon to extract the tooth. Gum tissue or even bone might need to be removed.

Reasons Why You Would Need a Surgical Extraction

There are several reasons why a surgical procedure is needed to remove a tooth.

  • Impacted Teeth: A tooth is impacted when it hasn’t emerged from the gums. A partially impacted tooth is when only part of the tooth has erupted from the gums. Either scenario will need a surgical extraction to remove it from the mouth. This is a common scenario for wisdom teeth.

  • Cracked Teeth: If a cracked tooth can’t be saved, it needs surgical removal. A simple extraction can’t be done since the tooth is fragile and may break into multiple pieces.

  • Broken Teeth: Broken teeth may also need to be surgically removed. It’s often problematic for a simple extraction because there may not be enough tooth for a dentist to grasp.

  • Dental Roots: Sometimes a tooth’s root is long, curved, or large. This can make extraction more complicated to prevent damaging the jaw bone.

Oral Surgery in Eden Prairie, MN

Dental extractions are standard procedures, especially if you are looking at wisdom teeth removal. Many of our patients have impacted or partially emerged wisdom teeth that need to be removed to prevent overcrowding or infection. If you think you might need a dental extraction, contact our office to schedule an appointment. We’ll do a thorough examination of your teeth and let you know the best options for you.

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