3 Myths About Root Canals

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If there’s one treatment in the dental world that seems to have the most myths and misinformation surrounding it, then it has to be the root canal. For whatever reason, root canal therapy has been the subject of jokes, horror stories and has developed a reputation as being a procedure to avoid. Unfortunately, when people hear and believe the wrong things about root canals, it can stop them from getting the treatment when they need it. That’s why we’re tackling three of the most common myths about root canal therapy and presenting you with the facts. We hope that knowing the truth will help you make smart decisions about your smile!

Myth 1: Root canals hurt.

Many patients are convinced that getting a root canal means enduring a lot of pain. In actuality, root canal therapy procedure does not hurt, but the infection in a root that then warrants the need for root canal therapy can hurt if not diagnosed soon enough. There are plenty of options available to prevent the patient from feeling discomfort while getting a root canal, including local anesthetic and dental sedation.

Myth 2: Getting a tooth removed is better than getting a root canal.

Our dental team will always do whatever they can to preserve and protect your natural teeth. After all, your adult teeth are supposed to last you for the rest of your life! During a root canal, we clean infection away from your tooth so that we can still preserve its structure. Saving your tooth has many benefits. For example, you won’t have to worry about shifting of teeth or difficulty with chewing. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about replacing the tooth.

Myth 3: Having a toothache means you need a root canal.

Although tooth pain is a common symptom of an infected tooth, there are many different causes of a toothache that may not require a root canal. These might range from a severe cavity to the unconscious habit of grinding your teeth at night. For a definite answer, visit us at Prairie Dental Group for an individualized assessment of your dental health.

Root Canal Therapy in Eden Prairie

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