Cupid-Approved Valentine’s Day Treats for a Healthy Smile

chocolate covered strawberries make a tooth-friendly treat

Dentists are often labeled the villains around sweet-saturated holidays, with their warnings about overconsumption of the delicious things we crave. But the facts remain facts: too much sugar, consumed too frequently, is bad for your teeth. Our Prairie Dental Group team doesn’t want to put a damper on the day of love so here are some healthy ideas for Valentine’s Day treats that are still cupid approved.

1. Chocolate & Fruit

Chocolate is sugary but it dissolves quickly so it doesn’t stay in contact with your teeth long enough to do much damage. Chocolate covered strawberries are a treat everyone loves for their delicious flavor combination and beautiful appearance. Chocolate-filled raspberries are another idea for a delicious treat.

2. Dark Chocolate Candy

If you must buy heart shaped candy, then go for dark chocolate. Surprisingly, it helps control the bad bacteria in your mouth that can cause tooth decay. It has less sugar than milk chocolate and antioxidants that are good for your heart and brain. Dark chocolate is also good when melted for berry dipping.

3. Cheese & Crackers

There are so many types of crackers and cheeses to choose from that coming up with a beautiful tray that will please adults and children shouldn’t be too difficult. If you are feeling extra creative, cut the cheese with a heart-shaped cookie cutter the same size as the crackers. Bunches of different colored cut grapes are a festive addition to cheese and crackers.

4. Fruit Tray

Almost everyone loves fruit and there’s nothing quite so pretty on a buffet or party table as a colorful fruit tray. If you want to carry on with the heart theme, cut the strawberry slices lengthwise so they look like hearts. Fruit kebabs are another way to make fruit a fun treat.

5. Cookies & Milk

On Valentine’s Day there are frosted, heart-shaped sugar cookies everywhere. Go ahead and indulge but wash it all down with a glass of milk. The calcium, phosphorus and caseins in milk protect your tooth enamel from cavity-causing bacteria. And don’t forget to brush!

We Love to See Your Healthy Smile

Avoiding sugar entirely during holidays isn’t practical for most people. The professionals in our Eden Prairie, MN office recommend moderation followed by good dental hygiene habits and regular cleanings and exams. Contact us today or click the link below to schedule an appointment.

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