What Happens During the Root Canal Procedure?

Graphic showing the stages of root canal therapy.

There are many myths swirling around out there about root canals. Unfortunately, this sometimes makes people afraid of getting the treatment even when they need it. The fact of the matter is, getting root canal therapy could be what helps you save your natural tooth if you’re experiencing a severe infection. Prairie Dental Group hopes that by demystifying what happens during the root canal procedure, we can show you how safe and routine it actually is.

Preparation Stage

Before we do any actual work on your tooth, we make sure the treatment area is properly prepped for your health, safety, and comfort. A major part of that is numbing the area with local anesthetic. If you requested dental sedation like nitrous oxide, then this is also the stage where we would administer that.

Removing the Infection

Once everything is all prepped, we start to work on cleaning out the infection from the tooth’s root canals. In this stage, we clean out the pulp chamber to remove the bacteria. Once the infection has been removed, we shape and fill the root canals. The material we use is a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. By doing that, we’re helping prevent bacteria from entering the area again.

Adding the Crown

In many cases, the patient requires a dental crown on the treated tooth to add strength and stability. We design this crown to look like your surrounding natural teeth so it blends right in. While waiting to receive your custom crown, we may send you home with a temporary filling or a temporary crown.

Root Canal Therapy in Eden Prairie

Do you still have questions about the root canal procedure? The Prairie Dental Group team is happy to help! Call or email our practice in Eden Prairie today, and one of our friendly team members will get you the information you need. We provide root canal therapy at our dental office, so we have plenty of experience walking patients through the restorative treatment.

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